Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moving In

We've been here almost 2 months.  Tonight is the first night the kids are attempting to sleep in a room other than ours.  To be fair you should know that our master bedroom area is almost the size of the whole house we just moved from.  It has two closets that are the size of rooms themselves, as well as a living room size sitting area and LARGE bathroom.  So, its not entirely crazy for us all to be in there.  It's a little crazy since we had just spent 5 months wishing and hoping for a place with more than 2 bedrooms for the six of us.  And then we all stay in one bedroom :).  Ha ha.

It turns out you get used to hearing everyone breathe as they drift off to sleep at night.  In fact, if they are sick you rely on that to know they are ok.  I love my babies, and although it wasn't great for my sanity to be in that itty bitty townhome for so long, I think it did bring us all closer.  But today  Mr. Warmth and I were discussing the feeling of being home that we were just starting to have and realized it was time to utilize a few of the other bedrooms.  Life is starting.

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