Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reasons We {Love} Where We Are Now

  • Our house is 3 times bigger than the one we were having built
  • But it cost less
  • It is in a neighborhood with more expensive houses (thus raising our property value)
  • We purchased it well below its value, so we have less fear if we ever need to sell
  • There is enough space we don't ever need to finish the basement, which has been a fun place for the kids to ride bikes and scooters and play basketball in the winter.
  • The schools from elementary to middle to high school are all ones that have decent reputations
  • the neighborhood is quiet and safe feeling
  • it is near the best shops and restaurants and medical care places in this city
  • It is close to Mr. Warmth's work (6 miles)
  • and close to a co-worker so they carpool and we save gas $
  • we go to church with nice people, we are slowly getting to know :)
  • we have the cutest older gentlemen home teach us, last month they came twice!
  • I'm pretty certain they don't read my blog--but if they do, I'm sorry I don't mean old, I just mean "retired"
  • our backyard is already fenced, and now our deck is done (will post pictures soon)
  • This house was completely landscaped already.  When I see all the different trees, plants, and shrubs at Lowe's for sale I am grateful we already have some in the ground!
  • And it has a built-in sprinkler system
  • there are infinite project and remodeling possibilities here because of the space and floor plan
  • Our dream up until about a year ago was always to buy a place in need of repair.  Building and having something new really sounded fun too, but we were blessed with what we would be the most blessed by.

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