Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chalk + Board

So, we've had this chalkboard since a few weeks after we moved to Nebraska for Law school.  I used it next to my pantry in all 3 places we lived before moving here.  I used it to keep track of groceries we ran out of.

Now that I have a smart phone, I keep a running grocery list in there, which works better because with this list I still had to transfer it to paper before heading off for the store.  And my phone goes with me to the store where I can check off each thing, electronically, as I buy it.

Nowadays I use the chalkboard to keep a list of bigger chores that I need to remember to do that might get lost in day to day drama.  I draw great big boxes to check off!  Gotta love that sense of satisfaction.  Especially when it says "scrub toilets!"

Since I love and have loved having a chalkboard all this time, I'm considering a chalkboard WALL.  The wall you see it on...should I paint the whole thing with chalkboard paint?  Will it be too dark?  I think it would be really cute to have messages to each other or weekly menus featured there.

Let me know what you think!


  1. I know at Lowe's they can mix you up Chalkboard paint in any color you choose. We made a red chalkboard to write love notes on for Valentine's this year. It was really awesome. So I wouldn't worry about the color if I were you! I think it would be fun.

  2. I love the idea of a chalkboard wall! I'm hoping to do one when I own a home. A Girl and a Glue Gun did one just recently on her blog. You might want to check it out:


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