Sunday, April 8, 2012

Living Room Paint

So...we agreed with you on the paint color.  The top one is more neutral in our opinion, too.  The bottom one had been recommended to us as Sherwin William's top selling color....

In our house it read rather orangey...and we're more greyish beige kind of people, ya know?

So the "toy" goes back into service spraying on the "Loggia" paint color.

I wanted to show you a "finished" picture, and this one is really bad.  It was dark outside, there was no overhead lighting, the excuses go on and on.

Just trust me that when the brown paper covering the bright white crown molding was taken off, this color looked gorgeous against it. I think this color is THE ONE....meaning we'll probably do our whole house in it.  Cause we're old and tired and so over doing different colors in every room like we used to :).

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