Monday, May 14, 2012

Clothing Needs vs. Laundry

I have a goal for next year.  And it'll be easy to achieve, measurable, and take NO TIME...

What might that be?

Not buy my girls any clothes.  I'm serious.  Knowing someone might take pity on them, we may receive an outfit or two as a gift.  I'm sure they'll be pleased as punch about that.

But during my two load a day laundry "habit," I'm coming to decide that life was easier with less when it comes to clothes.  For weeks which turned into months we lived out of suitcases in our tiny temporary townhouse this year.  I packed away all but a generous week's worth of clothing for all of us. We washed and re-wore or re-packed in our suitcase that bare minimum we needed to get through a few days of school, work, and then church.

Admittedly it was fun to discover all "new" stuff when we started unpacking our place here, but the novelty has now worn off and the extra work of caring for the extra stuff is back in my life.  No, I don't want to use suitcases all of our fact I can't wait to actually have dressers and real bed frames.  But when it comes to settling in, I'd like to settle for less clothing.

***Amended:  Lately I've been dreaming of just buying the girls two or three outfits before school starts.  Nice outfits that are new, from a store of their choosing.  I've forced them to wear used clothing for the last four years (they didn't really mind that much) and it might be a nice surprise.  Obviously I'm not sure about all of this--just that less is more sometimes.  How do YOU handle the clothing of your children?***

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  1. I'm right there with you. I feel like I'm drowning n laundry (and dishes but I can't change that one!). Oh, and toys. My son is having his birthday this weekend and the grandparents have already overwhelmed us with more toys than they can play with. If you think of a solution for that one I'm all ears!



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