Monday, May 14, 2012

Freezing Portions

Although I love the idea of it, I still haven't done much freezing of complete dinners, ready to just heat and eat.  I have some parts of meals frozen, which still helps when it comes to saving time!  Things like cooked chicken, shredded cheese, etc.

I don't think it's any secret here that I love to bake - especially desserts!  One thing I have found to lower my calorie intake and increase my enjoyment of my baking is to freeze portions of it.  I made a fresh pie one night because it just sounded so good and I had been thinking about trying some tweaks to my crust recipe.

After the first day, when only half was eaten, I cut the rest into portions and wrapped them in Saran wrap, and placed them in the freezer.  Now...if that dastardly pie craving hits again, I can heat one of these up and enjoy one warm, fresh piece without the hours of labor...or the temptation to eat too much of it!

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  1. great idea I will do that. I tend to eat too much when I make a dessert!


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