Monday, May 28, 2012

Good. Better. Best...

Church is an enriching experience for me.  My ward (LDS congregation) is full of interesting, wonderful people who inspire me weekly.  This week our Sunday School teacher gave a lesson that left me feeling motivated.

One thing that stood out is this, "Good is the enemy of Great."  It hit me.  And it reminded me of my first semester of college.  My best friend who I'd also gone to High School with and I were discussing the rigor of our new college classes.  We shared how much time and effort it was taking just to get through them.  And we concluded...if we had put forth that exact same effort in High School we'd have had 4.0's all the way through. I was always kind of a 3.5 kind of gal :).

I remember that realization.  That I was capable of more - it was not a negative feeling but a spiritual one, where you realize the seed of greatness lies within just waiting to be sprouted, nurtured, and expected to grow.  Interestingly, I got a much higher grade point average in college where more was expected and it was a lot greater challenge.  Sometimes a great challenge can make us rise to the occasion.

I left Sunday School wondering, What could I do that is great in my life, not just good???  I don't have a clear picture of anything to change at this point, but I feel excited.

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