Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Wallpaper Removal

Finicky work, but strangely satisfying 
Might as well clean out the dusty/furry window sills while I'm up here!

For the 258th time...."What the H were they thinking?  What the H is wrong with gray?  What is so freaking better about mauve/taupe/baby blue wallpaper that it must smother this gray wall?"


  1. The house is lookin good!! You guys are awesome!! We could take some advice from you on this house fixing up thing. :) Actually- we just bought a house with really ugly wall-papering in one of the bathrooms... What's the best way to go about removing it? Looks like whatever you're doing there is working! Thanks for keeping your blog up to date- it's fun to see what's up with you guys.

  2. Darci--that's a great question. As I thought about it I've realized I have lots to say and some picture examples I need to dig up. So watch for a post about What we Do About Wallpaper :)!

  3. Thanks!!! Looking forward to it. :)


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