Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Favorite Place

This is part of the home that convinced me it would be a dream come true to live here.  During the cold Nebraska winter I longed for this tub as we went through the ups and downs of the loan process.  On cold nights, after stressful days, laying in the tiny townhouse.....I imagined what it might be like if we actually got this house.

And when we did?  I took a bath here almost every winter night!  I love this tub.  It also works great for bathing multiple children at once :).

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  1. Bobi when my husband and I bought our previous home it had a wonderful big corner tub like this one pictured. When we were being shown the house we both climbed into the tub and layed down trying it on for size :) He's 6'3" I'm 4'9" so his requirements were greater than mine. We really enjoyed that tub. That tub sold us on that house in many ways. That bathroom was a great one. It also had a great separate shower too. Nothing fancy just roomy. Loved and miss that bathroom. My husband has never before had a tub fit him so well before or since.


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