Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Fix-it Men

We found the problem with the Sprinkler system!  This part was cracked due to the past owners not winterizing the system.  Sadly, they may have gone years without using their several thousand dollar system, due to lack of knowledge or funds to fix it.  More on that tomorrow...

I love seeing Mr. Warmth building and working with his sons.  He teaches them so much just through their tactile ability to see and feel a variety of tools and applications for them.  I am SO GRATEFUL for the way my husband's father did the same with him.  So many times I ask him how he knows how to fix a certain thing or what a certain tool is.  Sometimes its just his willingness to do the research and learn the skill.  But there have been many times when he says, "Oh, my Dad had one of those."  I'm thankful for my father in law for teaching him so many practical skills.  When I see my hubby involving the kids with his fixing and remodeling, working on cars, etc. I am doubly grateful that those skills are going to another generation.

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  1. My husband also knows how to fix things--a skill I marvel at. While my own dad is awesome at many things, fixing household things wasn't his forte. I grew up thinking if something was broken, you called a plumber. That's not a bad thing, either. But I'm just so darn grateful that my husband knows things, learned from his dad.


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