Friday, May 11, 2012

The Sprinkler System

First of all:  SCORE!  We ended up with a built-in Sprinkler system here.  We always dreamed of one when we lived at other houses, but were never willing to break out those big bucks.

However, it appeared that this one wasn't working and hadn't been used in years.  In fact we only saw a few sprinkler heads scattered about the lawn, so we figured it might not be a "full" solution to watering the lawn.

Mr. Warmth deciding to do some sleuthing and see exactly what we had on our hands and if it was worth fixing.  All this time I'd been secretly stressing (that what I'm good at) about how it would have to be done by a professional irrigation company, and I hated to spend so much money that way.  Yada, yada, yada.

One day he told me he had found one problem and he had an idea to try to fix it.

This thing here had a really big crack in it and water was spewing out--thus not going in to the sprinkler system.  A crack such as this would most likely be caused by not winterizing the sprinkler system.  HELPFUL TIP:  if you happen to buy a house and it has an amazing and expensive sprinkler system - look up how to winterize it!  Ahem.

So...Mr. Warmth does what he does...researches how to fix it, goes and buys needed supplies (around $50) and sets to giving it a go.

Then....the moment of truth.  He turns it on.

One by one, sprinklers come on ALL OVER THE LAWN.  An amazing amount of sprinkler heads to cover every last inch of grass and landscaping plants.  Yes!

And that my friends is how we got our built-in sprinklers:

  1. Someone who had the house built paid a pretty penny to get it installed.
  2. The next owners didn't winterize and a small part broke.
  3. They either felt overwhelmed thinking the repair would be a huge one or just didn't care and never used it.
  4. It was probably one of the many reasons they thought it was just easier to let the house foreclose.
  5. My husband takes $50 and a genius mind, and the internet, and his skill set, and voila - back to the system the people who built it "invested" in.
We may have purchased this house "used" but in many ways I'll always think that  my husband built our home.


  1. it would be so wonderful if the first owners could be located so they would know that their home is beautiful once again. you guys are doing amazing work!!!

  2. That is awesome! We've redone a previously loved house too and although cheap fixes are sadly few and far between they are really welcome when they can be found C:

  3. I LOVE thiS!!!! you are such an awesome family. your blog warms my heart. And Yes, you guys are Building this Home from LOVE.. it's awesome you share that with us. Thank you :)<3

  4. This is my favorite remodeling post yet! Amazing!

  5. That is a blessing! So glad he was able to find the small problem and save you guys so much $$!!! Way to go.

  6. This is so cute, I absolutely love it. Sprinkler systems are a pain sometimes. But I am glad everything worked out!


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