Wednesday, June 6, 2012

100 Dreams (for realsies)

  1. Have 13 kids
  2. sew matching dresses and boy's outfits so we all match at church
  3. have triplets
  4. that are all girls--I had a list of names for them that I don't remember anymore
  5. get a bachelor's degree
  6. get a 4.0 in college
  7. work in health care administration
  8. work with the elderly
  9. marry a farmer
  10. have a farm
  11. own a boom box with tape deck and CD player
  12. own tiny diamond stud earrings
  13. have blond hair
  14. be pregnant
  15. have at least one child
  16. get married in the LDS temple
  17. marry a boy who had been on an LDS mission
  18. marry a blonde boy
  19. have brand new soft carpet with a thick pad
  20. have a one-story house with a full basement
  21. have a big three car garage for my husband to enjoy
  22. get a master's degree in public health or health care administration
  23. go to medical school
  24. go on a medical mission
  25. teach my daughters to sew
  26. sell homemade bread
  27. work the early morning shift at a bakery
  28. be a fashion designer
  29. live in an apartment in NYC
  30. spend a weekend in a fancy hotel reading magazines, watching tv, sleeping, and ordering room service
  31. sew a quilt for every bed in my house
  32. make labels that say "Made by me" to sew into the baby blankets and such that I make
  33. make a quilt for every family in our extended family
  34. make a braided rug
  35. have large, gorgeous pictures on my walls
  36. hire an interior decorator to do my whole house
  37. hire this lady to design a playroom for us
  38. give away lots of money and gift cards as random acts of kindness
  39. drive a sports car for my everyday errands
  40. own a tent trailer for camping
  41. go camping in the mountains with my kids regularly
  42. go on hard hikes with my kids
  43. lose the baby weight (like back to the weight before I had my first)
  44. be able to do 45 pushups in a minute again
  45. be able to run a 5K
  46. go to yoga regularly
  47. get massages every week
  48. be able to pay my daughter's way through medical school
  49. be able to pay for my other daughter to get whatever design training she wants
  50. be able to afford for each kid to take one kind of music or talent or sport lesson per year
  51. go back to Las Vegas for a second honeymoon with my honey
  52. go on a beach type vacation with my honey
  53. go running with my kids so they become runners
  54. drink green smoothies every day
  55. get my hair cut and colored at a real salon every 6-8 weeks
  56. have a clothing budget and be able to shop for it weekly to keep up with all of family's needs
  57. sing in church choir for the spiritual and talent outlet
  58. get private voice lessons for my daughter who loves to sing
  59. own a piano
  60. get piano lessons for whatever kids want them
  61. voice lessons for myself
  62. read the Book of Mormon every day
  63. stretch and meditate for 20 minutes per day
  64. write on blog or in journal regularly
  65. get professional portraits of the kids regularly
  66. own a color printer
  67. own a laminator
  68. own my own computer for blogging and picture organizing/separate from the family's
  69. keep buying, fixing up, and selling houses that need work
  70. but have one dream home and get to stay in it for ourselves :)
  71. find some way to streamline dinner or just plan meals and groceries once a month so it takes less time each day
  72. make the kids follow the meal/snack plan rather than scrounging for random things they want through the day
  73. make our own dining table, benches, and bar stools
  74. get ceiling fans for every bedroom in this house (and office)
  75. get blinds on all the windows
  76. get a Costco membership
  77. grocery shop just once per month
  78. read several books each month
  79. live in a place with mountains
  80. go to the LDS temple once/month
  81. go on a date with my hubby at least once/month
  82. get more magazines ( I LOVE reading them)
  83. eat restaurant take out food more often (yep!  I love restaurant food) almost every day if I could afford it
  84. teach my four year old to read
  85. have all my kids reading well (eventually)
  86. graduate from high school
  87. go to prom
  88. get Cowgirl barbie
  89. get a pair of cowboy boots
  90. go to fashion design school
  91. sell stuff at a craft show
  92. sew and design my wedding dress
  93. nurse my babies
  94. sew things for my babies
  95. be an orthodontist
  96. shop at the farmer's market every Saturday
  97. bike with my girlfriends to the farmer's market from Village Green and then go to breakfast downtown
  98. start a ladies' biking club and pick up friends with our pick up on a Sat morning and try different trails
  99. form a ladies walking group in my new neighborhood
  100. be a dance type fitness class instructor

*Wow, once I got going it wasn't that hard!  I had to pull out several childhood dreams that have already been shelved, but whew, it was kinda fun!*


  1. Do you really want 13?! That's how many by dad comes from and we were so lucky to grow up close to all of that huge family. I want around 8 kids and people think we are nuts. I've stopped telling them a number and just say "We want a brood" LOL. I would love multiples too! What a great list...

  2. Since I am pushing 35 and I only have four, having 13 would be pretty much impossible ;). It's one of those dreams I said goodbye to when I had my first and realized how hard it really is - same with having triplets!

    Thanks for your comment <3!


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