Saturday, June 16, 2012

No New York

So the fame of the "controversy" came and went quickly, which was good.  When I stop eating and start running on adrenaline, it isn't good.  I like the (temporary) weight loss but the mental crap I deal with when it is over just ain't worth it.

I'm slowly coming down from that adrenaline high of being called every few minutes from a reporter or a relative who the reporter tracked down to find me.  When it came to a screeching halt, at first I was a little sad...not that the story was winding down - I was glad about that.  But sad, because the last network that called to ask questions dangled the idea of a Monday flight in and back to New York.  Something I've always wanted is to travel to NYC.  So, for about a couple of hours I thought someone else was going to make that dream come true :(.  But when she said they decided to drop the story I also realized I'd be here to take the kids to their first day of swim lessons Monday.  You win some and you win some.  My real life is the fabulous life.  And I can plan my own dang trip to New York someday complete with a fancy hotel stay and time to SHOP, people!  Much better!  Just more expensive ;).

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  1. You know that in New York, I just live an hour north of NYC and we have a train station just a mile or two from our house that takes you right into Manhattan, Grand Central Station in less than an hour. So you are always welcome to come visit and stay. You just have to wait until we move back to New York.


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