Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Baker

One thing I really love about this picture is the playing of the other three going on in the background :).

This girl knows where its at!  I loved to bake when I was a kid.  Often I would want to bake a sweet treat after dinner, so my mom would allow me to bake while the others were doing the dishes.

Hmmm, no wonder I love to bake so much!  :)

My oldest daughter (age 9) loves to bake too, which is really helpful since she is the only Gluten-Free eater among us (she has Celiac disease).  I'm grateful she loves to bake and is so skilled at it, because I want her to be especially independent for when she needs to feed herself as a young adult.  I encourage her to try making whatever she wants to try.  She can do almost everything--gluten free bread, biscuits, pancakes, cake, mac and cheese, etc.  I'm can't really think of anything she can't make.  I'm so lucky to have such a smart, independent girl!

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