Tuesday, June 12, 2012

These are a few of my Favorite Blogs

I like this one because she has a very similar life to me right now.  And she's very nice.

I like this one because she shared my story, and she seriously has the most interesting posts for those of us who are obsessed with houses.

I like this one because I like food and she's shared some of the most amazing recipes with me.  Oh, and she's a doctor on the side.  What?!?

I like this one because I have OCD and looking at these pictures is so soothing.  Organized houses, take me away!

I am always curious to see something new.  Tell me 
your favorite blogs!  

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  1. You. Are. Nice. You've thrown 19 people my way just today. Thanks for that. Really, I mean it. I hope they like me because they were cool enough to be reading your blog!


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