Thursday, July 12, 2012

2 Years Ago

The choice to leave our "normal" life for my husband to go to Law School (when we had been married almost 10 years and had almost 3 kids) was such a life-changer that my jaw still dropped a little when I came across this picture a few days ago.

Did he/we really do that?  Even now that we have I marvel that we had the courage, because it frightens me a little if I forget we already did it!  The only, I mean ONLY way we could have done this was through our faith.  We were searching our souls at the time we started down this path and we were both absolutely committed to "go and do" what the Lord would command for our lives.

It was transforming.  It was difficult.  It was stressful, anxiety-inducing, and sometimes depressing.  But we made it.  I can really say that now.  We made it through the scariest poverty we've every faced.  Our kids stayed fed.  I made it through the hardest church calling I've ever served in.  The kids made it through living in small, temporary homes, and going to school in a very underprivileged area.

Whew.  Can I stop holding my breath?  Anyone want tips on making a big life change like this?  I've got plenty of them...but they aren't all pretty and fun.  But.  It can be done.  That's my point.


  1. Wow, I still can't believe you guys left SA to go and do all of that. Such Faith!!!

  2. That's awesome. We have been contemplating the same change actually. My husband has been a P.E. teacher for 10 years and is wanting to head to Law School. I'll have to share your husband's story with him. :)


    1. If you have more questions or anything specific feel free to ask - obviously, its not a common thing, but I remember googling going to law school when you already have kids or something obscure like that looking for direction and support. And of course there was nothing. I'd like to somehow help people know it is *possible*. Best of luck to you!

      My email is :)

  3. Well even if the decision was scary and hard I for one am SOOOOOOO glad that you made it. If not who knows what kind of a neighbor I would have had in 142. :) So glad you are my friend.


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