Friday, July 13, 2012

I Like to Mow the Lawn

One of the big splurges we indulged in after buying this home was a nice lawn mower.  Not the most expensive kind (like a riding one), but one that is really well built.  We got a Honda with a great blade and motor, and some safety features.  I was adamant about getting a push mower even though our lawn is big, because lawn mowing is some exercise I like!

I'm all about efficiency.  Anything that combines exercise, frugality (something some people pay for someone else to do), sunshine (vitamin D), and something that needs done is good in my book.  It's like super-hyper multi-tasking!  Love it.

And...since I was the one who insisted on having a push mower and insisted I would mow the lawn, I have kept my word.  I have mowed every week but one.  I love the feeling of satisfaction it brings!

What chores do you enjoy?


  1. i also love mowing the lawn (though todd is the one who does it). i love vacuuming and, like you, insisted on getting a great one. something i don't enjoy but insist on doing is the bathrooms. i am just such a germ freak i want bathrooms done a certain way- wish me luck when our kids grow old enough that i need to teach them and have to let them clean bathrooms without going crazy over little things!

  2. We are two peas in a pod. I have always loved mowing the lawn. It was the job I would trade my siblings for. I mowed 3 lawns (we were property managers) 2 days before I had my first baby... nothing can stop me from my mowin'!

  3. I like mowing the lawn too but my husband REALLY enjoys working outside and doing that stuff so I don't do it that often.
    Dry mopping is something I like to do.. I love using the microfiber mop and sweeping up all the dog hair.. a big wod of dog hair off the floor makes me feel like I've accomplished something.. LOL


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