Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Favorite Grilled Hamburgers

I guess the pictures tell the story.  We like to buy the 5 lb rolls from Walmart of the 73 percent beef.  High fat?  Yes!  Yummy....very!  Cutting the log like this keeps the meat loose, so that the burgers stay really juicy while grilling.  Plus, the price can't be beat!  One of these rolls makes TWO meals of grilled hamburgers for our family.  So (including buns and sides) we eat for less than we would getting McDonalds...with taste and quality that can't be matched by any restaurant.


  1. My late MIL did a 5 pound roll like this every Friday night when my husband was growing up. They were allowed to ask friends for supper on Frdays without asking first. Also family friends might drop by to eat and always knew they were welcome. Some weeks all the burgers were eaten and some weeks they had lots leftover for other meals. All of my husbands family remembers Friday night hamburger night with very fond memories.

    1. What a delightful idea! Thanks for sharing that memory, I love it :)!


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