Monday, July 2, 2012

Progress on the Entry

It's not quite a before and after...but progress is progress right?  The little details this represent are:

  1. wallpaper removal
  2. lower stair balusters removal
  3. Finish/stain stripping of handrail
  4. Re-stain by Mr. Warmth of handrail in a more rustic, dark finish
  5. new carpet (can barely see in these pictures)
  6. Lots and lots of paint (I'm so thankful to have a really good ladder!)

**Paint colors:  wall:  Sherwin William's Taupe Tone
                       trim:  "            "             Smokehouse**

We had Home Depot look up the color names in their computer to color match.  They have pretty much every brand.  We really prefer Home Depot's Behr paint to any other brand, so we just pick colors wherever and then they match them.

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