Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vitamin Update

Thanks so much to those of you who shared your thoughts and advice on my health/vitamin dilemma.      Interestingly (to me!) I've tried taking my prenatal vitamin both in the morning at night and noticed a nice change in my general well-being.  It still makes me nervous that I am therefore getting too much of something, even though I feel so much better.  On one hand, I'm nursing a baby that is the size of a four year old who eats very little else.  I may just truly need nutrition such as vitamins for two.  On the other hand, because its a prenatal there are probably amounts of folic acid, for example, that are way more than I need.

I think what I will do is switch to a children's chew-able when this bottle of vitamins runs out (soon) and take two of those a day.

Any thoughts or advice?  I sure wish I had a magic test that would show me what it was that made the difference, so I could go without the rest, but since I had such extensive blood testing months ago, I just don't have hope that that would be the ticket.  Oh, and I guess if the children's multi-vitamin didn't have the same health effects for me, I could go back to the prenatal version or at least compare labels to tease out the difference.  That may be all the clue I need.

Detective Bobi back to work!

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