Thursday, August 16, 2012

$200 Gamble

She would never wear her glasses.  Even though she really needed them.  The metal was always bothering her somewhere - her ears, her nose, etc.  I was constantly reminding her to put them on and she was constantly complaining that they hurt.

Our vision insurance only helped with the purchase of one pair per year...and it had only been four months.  I finally decided we just needed to find her something that worked.  Thankfully these black frames have been so comfortable and no complaints (got the new ones at Target optical)!  She really wanted to try to try the transition lenses (that get dark like sunglasses out in the bright sun).  She and I have both been really pleased with them.  She's the first of any of us to need vision correction, so we're learning as we go, but I've decided good comfortable glasses are worth the price~!


  1. Hi Bobi! So nice to "meet" you by finding your blog today :-). I've so enjoyed all my visiting around here.- Your daughters glasses are so cute! Glad she is able to wear them now... Also, have you ever heard of the Lemonade Makin' Mama blog? She has some great recipes for gluten free goodies! - Love your idea of spreading warmth around the internet- you're right, it can be so filled with negativity, we need something to counteract that.- Hope your day has been a good one so far!

    1. Thanks, Kristin. So sweet of you to stop by :)

  2. You should check out Each year I can get my daughter and myself several pairs of glasses for $50-60 bucks. Just make sure to get your prescription from your eye doctor fill in the blanks and voila!

  3. She's so adorable! It's nice to see you found comfortable ones, glasses can be really expensive as I learned when we recently went to get my brother his new ones.
    I found you through the followers to friends blog hop and I've followed. (:

  4. What a doll, but I am prejudice. LFGJTSL She looks so grown up.

  5. As a glasses wearer since second grade, I'd definitely agree that a comfy pair of lenses is worth a little extra $, though I'd never go crazy with it. Glad to see your little girl is able to enjoy (is that the word?) her glasses now.


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