Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Family Room CARPET

The baby is our carpet rookie.  He's lived in homes with mostly hardwood his whole life, and then we ripped out the carpet here not long after moving in.  Then...we waited, and treated floors, and saved money and finally he's experiencing sinking his toes into the softness...

Happy Day!

(Still to come:  Painting this room!)


  1. I'm amazed at how hard you guys are working on this home. It is really inspiring!

    1. Thanks, Amanda, some days I fear I am facing burnout...but thankfully there are enough different projects I can just focus on something else for awhile. And thankfully there's enough other spaces in the home to live comfortably while we work on another area. What I'm surprised about is how long it is taking - seems to be a year to two year process on this one. We've never had remodeling stretch on that long. But that is mostly because we are trying to just live life with it as our home and pay as we can.

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!


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