Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gluten-Free Shopping

Our closest grocery store to our new house just happens to be a mecca of all things gluten-free!  When we need to update our oldest daughters GF pantry (she has Celiac disease) we take a girl's night for just the two of us to stock up on those essentials.

This particular trip we found little individual pies already made and frozen.  Score!  One way I splurge money-wise, for better or worse, is on gluten-free treats.  It's so annoying for my girl to have to eat differently than everyone else at home and at school and activities that I like her to have whatever interesting, tasty things they come out with.  It makes something that's usually a drag into something that's fun for a bit.

To read more about her story you can read our post at Gluten Freely Frugal.

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