Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goodbye Ol' Red

I got this mixer for my wedding 13 1/2 years ago.  I have used it almost daily since...

And last week it died.  The motor had been making weird sounds for months.

On its final day it smelled like burning and then just completely stopped.

Mr. Warmth has opened it up and looked at it and declared it un-fixable.

Any suggestions of what I should save up for to replace it?

P.S. I've never owned a food processor, my blender cracked and broke last week too, and I'm okay with using cheap stuff or "investing" in something after I save for it.


  1. I love my bosch mixer. My mom had one when we were growing up and it lasted for as long as I can remember. I was super excited when I got one as a bridal shower gift.

    I lil spendy, but you will never have to buy a new one again. I think they are lifetime warranty as well! Good luck!

    1. I agree with Loni. I grew up with one and then got one as a shower gift and have loved it!

  2. I have what my mom has. She made bread everyday for more than ten years with it before it pooped out. I love mine so far, and it is combined with a blender/food processor so that is awesome. It's a Blendtec Mix n Blend II

  3. I have the same mixer. Got mine last year for Christmas. If you are wanting something better than a mixer a Bosch is amazing. It is my dream machine.

  4. Get a Bosch. My mother in law uses hers daily and it has lasted forever. She says it's the best tool in her kitchen.

  5. Stay with KitchenAid. When I taught cooking classes for Williams Sonoma we had more people come in to buy a KA because they were not happy with their other brands, including Bosch. If you are REALLY willing to invest, Hobart makes a great countertop mixer, but it will set you back one months mortgage. (However, SO worth it). Blender VitaMix is the only way to go. A multi purpose machine is okay IF you don't use it on a regular basis. Things aren't made they way the used to be, therefore quality of the brand, any brand, has gone done significantly. So if you will use a blender AND a mixer buy individual machines suited just for those purposes. Just my humble, expert, opinion...;-)

  6. My mixer died in February after almost 15 1/2 years (almost 16). I have to wait until Tax time to get a Kitchen Aid one. I am using the hand held ones, but I am getting the burning smell so I am not doing the double batches like before. I would get a Kitchen Aid one.

  7. I have a Kitchenaid and I have no complaints. I use my Ninja blender every day. I rarely use my food processor, but I'm glad I have it for when I do need it. Costco now sells a Ninja blender that comes with a food processor attachement. I think if I didn't already have a regular food processor, that would be just right for the frequency I use it. Good luck!


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