Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love to Read?

I do.  I love it.  I do it less than I'd like, thanks to always feeling "too busy."  It is one of my life's joy's though, so I try to make it a priority when I can.

Something that has really helped me is a friend pointing out this blog to me.  I love having someone else review books so I can tell if I might be interested or not before I dive in.  If I find something she writes about piques my interest, I simply open the window of my local library's website and search to see if they have the book.

If they do (they always have, so far...I live in a big city), I place a hold on the book and then get an email when it arrives at my branch...set aside just for me!  I love the convenience of libraries - and the fact that it is FREE!

There are probably lots of other book review blogs out there, this is just the first one that was pointed out to me.  You could probably search for a specific genre...or look up lists by authors or interests on Goodreads or Amazon.


  1. My best tip for reading is that I listen to audiobooks. Most libraries have great selections of books available on tape, cd, and mp3 players. When we moved to Riyadh, we got a subscription to where you pay $14.95 for a credit and then one credit gets you an audio book. It is a great deal, because you would pay far more for the book anywhere else.

    We have a subscription for 2 credits per month and my husband usually gets fantasy books that my boys enjoy. I think the books have passed around several times in our family.

    I listen while I cook and clean--love multi-tasking.

  2. I am a book nerd too! Love the library;)


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