Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Warmth Wednesday

With all the negativity one can find on the internet, even from one's friends...Facebook = blech, somedays...I thought I'd start in my own very small way, in my very small place on the web...

sharing some warmth.

Every Wednesday will include some examples of kindnesses that have been sent my way, or ideas I have of little random acts of kindness we could do for others or tender mercies of the Lord in our lives.

Will you help me?  Will you contribute?  I will give ideas of contributions I am looking for, and then I'll publish your stories, too.  Credit will be given to the source and I'll give a link to your blog if you have one.  Please share the warmth with all of us.  Leave a comment on this post or send me an email

Tell me about a time when a food gift nourished your soul....


  1. I love this idea, although I can't think of too many food gifts that have had that effect. Although I have lots of other stories. I can tell you that when we moved into VG, Kim Peterson brought us some cookies the first or second Sunday we were there and it made me feel welcome and noticed, which was nice. I really wish one of my neighbors here would bring cookies haha. Maybe I should be the one to do it.

    1. The word that stuck out to me in your story about Kim - NOTICED. It's not about the food so much. That's been my experience, its the feeling. THANK YOU for sharing, friend! :)

  2. On my birthday I was struggling to decide what to have for dinner (not unusual at my house) when my neighbor knocked on the door. She brought over a crockpot of stew with a promise of the rest of the meal to come. I was overwhelmed that she would make my family dinner on my birthday. Just making dinner for my family is a task as there are so many of us. I felt so loved that she would understand that my one wish for my birthday (any birthday) is to not have to worry about making meals, just to be able to spend time with the family was wonderful. I think anytime someone brings food over and takes notice of somthing that you have done (as a thank you) or just brings it over to say "I was thinking of you" makes a person feel special and feel like there really is a point for them to be where they are in life.

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  5. Love this. I promise to share when I am not using my iPod.


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