Friday, August 3, 2012

Western Decor - Some Ideas

We love western decor, the "mountainy" look like you'd see in a log cabin...
How to do that in a big city suburb?  With decorating and remodeling of course!
I thought you might enjoy some views of the look we like done in other places....

Browns + Wood + Stone Fireplace = Rustic done right!

This second picture isn't as "mountainy", but the stone fireplace and brown fan give it just enough rustic edge for me.  With the flat screen and white shelving its a good light balance for me.

Wood Ceiling Beams!

Wood Beams!  Seriously, this room would be so stuffy, but just that element...with a little help from the cool chandelier puts all the rustic comfort right back here.

I'll be back to post more ideas later.  Meanwhile, when you think of the mountain lodge look, what is the "must-have" element?  Do tell!

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