Friday, September 21, 2012

3 Things

I'm going to list 3 things that went well today.  It's a project I plan on doing all week.

1.  My five year old took the snack for preschool today and he was so proud of how the other kids liked it and how generous he felt letting them take the basket of snacks outside.  Apparently the kids asked him and he was proud to say that it was OK :).  I love it when he is happy.

2.  We've had the windows open at night.  I love the cool breezes and the (less) need for A/C during the day.  It's running right's just Omaha weather!  As soon as it isn't needed we'll need heat :).

3.  I read an Andrew Weil book today that gave me a lot of concrete ideas to improve my happiness.  Hint:  This project is one of them :).  I'm excited about that.  I'm all about real, actual things I can try.  He's a good writer.  I'm looking forward to looking up his other titles, as well.


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  2. When I was younger we would do something like this, we called it a gratitude journal. Even as a kid, I could really tell a difference in my outlook after doing this for a while. Unfortunately I'm horrible at actually maintaining it, but whenever I start going through a rough patch I pull it out and reread what I had in there and start it up again. One thing that I want to start doing with my husband is everytime something positive happens we write it down and put it in a jar. On New Year's Eve we pull them all out and reflect on all the good things that we've had in the past year.


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