Wednesday, September 19, 2012

As Simple as a hem...

I have loved to sew almost all of my life, but this is the first time I've featured a Re-Fashion here on Western Warmth.  I've sewn, designed, spent time and money in fabric shops, hours of dreaming up designs, even more hours stitching and re-stitching them....but I am relatively new to the glorious recycling world of re-fashioning.

Basically, what it is is this:  you buy or get something free that is used or a castaway of some sort.  You imagine the possibilities and make it into a usable item!  Fantastic, no?  I've been relying on used clothing of all sorts (maternity, baby, kids re-sale, hand-me-downs, etc.) very heavily since we left "real" life for my husband to attend law school.  I'm a fan of used clothing for a number of reasons (enough for another post), but I am even more excited now that I think of things for what they can become now too.

This breezy white shirt is a light summery layer that I felt drawn to right when I saw it at Goodwill.  I was so excited about it I had my husband take a picture of me wearing it to church.  When I saw the pictures later all I could focus on was all that fluffy fabric at the bottom that was making ME look fluffier :).

I simply cut a few inches from the bottom, hemmed it up again....and here is the change.  Nothing really drastic or anything...but just a touch more flattering (which is helpful since I think I've gained 5-7 pounds in the 3 months between pictures :).


  1. It looks great and you don't look like you've gained weight at all!

  2. You are adorable and you have such a classy sense of style. I think you did a wonderful job on the shirt!

  3. Very Nice! I love to re-fashion stuff, Im new to sewing so I usually send things to my mother in law to do the hard part ;) I love the idea of what something old can turn into though.
    Following you back! :)

  4. This is very impressive.. I love how you changed it into something more wearable.. :)

  5. This was also one of my most clicked on my link party! I’m featuring this tomorrow!

  6. Love the re-do and I have a blouse very similar that will now have a new look too! I don't know if you're familiar with the New Dress A Day blog but she is the queen of the re-fashion...


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