Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sewing Pinspiration

As you well may know (if you are following me on Pinterest) I've had a thing for throw pillows lately.  I feel completely inspired.  I'm going through my fabric stash as we speak!

So, if you were me which pillow would you try first?  Vote here!

I'm about to fire up the Singer :).


  1. I love them all but the yellow one wins for me--my fav color!!!! Following you from the GFC blog hop. Would love it if you could visit my humorous blog site and follow back! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the all too, but if I had to take one home, it would be the oblong white one on top..

  3. Love the purple one.... How on earth do you make something like that???

  4. Hey, I have one more to add to that list:
    I love that pillow! You too?? Anyhow, all are nice, you can't go wrong. Just don't go too frilly.

  5. Which one did you end up making? ;)


Thanks for your comments~!