Sunday, September 16, 2012


So...let me ask you like trends?  I used to.  In elementary school I wanted nothing more than the $14 (yes, I remember!) white high-top shoes from K-mart that a whole group of girls my age had. My mother insisted that we only wear leather shoes for our foot health, like preventing athlete's foot.  So, instead of having the trendy shoes I was stuck with the good quality, supportive stuff....I was so mad ;).

Turns out I think a little of my mom (ok, probably a lot) rubbed off on me.  Quality is important.  But not only that, I find trends rather annoying.  Where did that start?  I don't know, but I'm blaming Twilight.  WHY, for the love of all that is holy, must we keep falling in love with poorly written books?  Seriously, people?

Okay.......moving on.

If you haven't already noticed I am obsessed with houses.  Obsessed with how they are built, how they are decorated, and how people live in them.  So I spend much of my waking hours thinking about them.  Lately, TRENDS have been on my mind.  And, like always, they bug me.  Sorry, but they do.  I'll show you pictures of what I mean:

First of all, can we just agree to leave the animal heads to the hunters?  This is the weirdest trend, in my opinion.

And featured below is the craziest mish-mash of styles in what could otherwise be a beautiful kitchen.  Stone fireplace with drapey floral curtains, and then two tone cabinets.  Eclectic is...well, you need to be careful :).

And........another inappropriate animal head, that's not a real animal at all.

Okay, you know I love white cabinet kitchens...but this one?  This is just way too cold and bland for me.  What do you think?


  1. I agree with you on the last kitchen. Too bland and cold for sure! Megan

  2. Ok that eclectic one is bad. I'm used to eclectic. But the floral curtains and the two-toned cabinets are just too much.

  3. I totally agree. The last photo looks like they took ikea living room furniture and used it in the kitchen.

  4. Totally agree, don't like any of them. I've never like those animal heads all over, never really quite got it? The last kitchen is stone cold. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  5. With a few changes I would actually love that kitchen. Thanks so much for sharing on "I Gotta Try That"


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