Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Went Right #3

So, here it is :)

  1. My neighbors needed into our backyard because their volleyball had gone over the fence.  I unlocked our padlock to let them in, and it reminded me of why we have them there and I told them the story.  We've had not one but TWO disappearances of our sweet baby Lane this year and the first one was right after moving to this house.  The kids were all out enjoying the backyard when I felt moved to go check on him.  He wasn't there.  He wasn't in the house.  As I came running out the backyard to the front a lady drove up, rolled down her window and asked if I knew a 2 year old in the area. Aaaaaahhhhh!  I just took off sprinting down the street where I saw two sheriff's cars.  I knew it had to be him.  Sure enough a group of people were gathered around one lady holding my sweet darling.  I grabbed him and then spent about 15 minutes answering questions for the Sheriff.  And then (heart RACING) the lady who was holding him walked me home.  She suggested padlocks on our gates.  Her suggestion was taken!  My hubby purchased and installed them that day.  Oh, I thank God that my baby was okay!  He had crossed a major street and this lady stopped because she was worried about him and stayed with him while others called the cops.  She happens to also be my across the street neighbor (we knew no one).  I share this as a good thing because sometimes its just nice to have someone know your story and part of why you are crazy :).
  2. I took the girls to the playground after school.  Dad was already home with the boys so we decided to take a bit to play (going to the playground with two older kids is SO relaxing, by the way :).  Then we were feeling fun so we went up to the library too (our school is a special multi-use building that houses a gym community center, as well as a city public library that gets used in the school as well.  I love my neighborhood, and I especially love fall days where we can enjoy the outside.
  3. Vitamin D!  I think I've discovered something that will help some of the health problems I've been experiencing lately.  I read more about Vitamin D and then realized some time back I had purchased some combo Fish Oil and Vitamin D3 2000iu's capsules.  I've noticed a big difference in taking them every day.


  1. So glad that disappearance turned out well! How scary. My hubby wants me to take fish oil too - I don't like the taste of burping it though. I do take vitamin D in the cooler months. Time to get it back out. I also tan to try to help the lack of sun. it helps some - I know it's controversial but when feeling blue in the cold months I will do anything to try to help!

  2. I am so glad your baby is ok. Even with padlocks you never know who might want to enter, especially since it's locked. Curious minds try things just for the sport of it. I started taking a fish oil supplement on my own when I kept getting high triglyceride numbers in my lab work. I take a cholesterol med which keeps that under control, but whatever I would do diet wise didn't have any effect on my triglycerides. After taking the fish oil supplement for awhile, my lab work is really good.


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