Sunday, September 30, 2012

What Went Right #5

(Don't worry, this is just a 7 day experiment...for those getting worried ;)


  1. I cooked A LOT.  I made 3 meals' worth of spaghetti sauce with this super big pot and super big can of tomatoe sauce.  By the way this is like the best deal ever at Costco at just around $2.

  1. Okay, we are still on number one.  I cooked a lot!  Also made crockpot BBQ chicken, made the easiest veggie side dish ever in my smaller crockpot, made a little batch of brownies, and put together chicken enchiladas for the freezer out of some roast chicken leftovers in the fridge.  I felt quite accomplished by the end of what only was a few hours.  Not only am I hooked on grocery shopping less often, I am also learning to cook less often. I enjoy it way more that way.  And I think it's more time effective.
  2. We went on a family bike ride.  We rode the route to the school to get our other daughter a little more confident.  As a result they both rode to school together today.  It was nice.  I hope the ride went okay, and I look forward to hearing their thoughts on it when they return this afternoon.
  3. The weather is cool.  I LOVE the fall weather.  I love to enjoy the outdoors and not have to waste money on A/C.  Our utility bills have been so high the last few months and I really look forward to that changing.  
  4. It's only supposed to be 3 but I have to mention how much I am LOVING the library lately.  It's connected to my kids' school so anytime we head over there we can hit the library and we've been really enjoying all our free books and movies.


  1. I love weeks when I cook a lot. Cooking a lot means eating a lot and being home a lot. Perfect winter activities
    I am hosting a blog hop over at my blog today

  2. Perfect for the Fall. Cooking a big meal and everyone enjoying it.



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