Monday, October 15, 2012

A Very Carrot Birthday

I've never purchased a birthday cake in my life.  I thought this beauty would make me a convert.  It was soooooooo easy to slip it into the cart and then swipe my debit card.

Quick Question: If you saw this in your local supermarket, what type of cake would you imagine was sitting under that cute frosting?  Carrot?

Well, then you'd be wrong.

It was a nut, spice cake.  Not a big hit for a 5 year old!  But a very happy birthday was had (and the frosting was all anyone wanted anyway :)

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  1. That's just stupid! Do they decorate yellow cakes with lemon designs? And yes, while I know life is full of way worse calamities, I think they need to change their icing designs.


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