Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Backpacking Helps

Casey took our oldest three kids on their first backpacking trip this summer.  When they returned home, he shared to me which "tools" they took were extremely useful. 

I decided to document that here, for our own reference, and in case you'd like this info, too!

These are washable sporks.  One of these for everyone can handle your  utensil needs.

These mugs have measurements on the inside and can double as measuring cups.  The wisk is rubber coated (non melting) and so is safe on a non-stick pan.

This pan has a thick aluminum bottom so that the heat distributes quickly and evenly.  The lid is awesome for draining noodles.

This stove is a little heavier than the super-duper light backpacking ones, but is awesome for basic backpacking needs. It's light "enough" and the flame is powerful and fits perfectly with the little grill size propane can.

Take some powdered milk in a ziploc baggy along with instant pudding mix.  You'll have a yummy treat that is very light to carry and can be made with water!

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