Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 7 (last one!)

I've so enjoyed finding the big 3 things that went right each day.  I can't believe this little project is over.  It's said that the happiness inducing effects of this exercise can last up to 6 months.  Woo hoo! Here's to a fabulous winter ;).

  1. I got the news today that my Vitamin D levels are low.  The nurse that called advised that I take 2000 iu's daily.  It was just a message so I wasn't able to convey that I was already supplementing with that amount (even took one the day they tested me).  So I will continue to take those, but I will also be upping my SUN intake :).  I spent much of today soaking in as many fall rays as possible out on our deck.  I took a book and my sunglasses but found that it made me so sleepy I just had to shut my eyes and rest.
  2. I went to Goodwill tonight to look at materials or clothes I could make into other things to upcycle.  I walked out with nothing.  And I was proud of myself for that.  I spent no money but had a fun time dreaming and got ideas of things to sew with materials I already have.  I think that is the thing I am learning the most when it comes to not being wasteful:  USE WHAT YOU HAVE.  Another time I think of this is when I think about remodeling projects we still need to do and supplies we need to buy.  We have 4 new gallons of paint that needs to get out of the cans and onto the walls!  There is always something to do with what you have...and its a better way to spend time than accruing more stuff.
  3. I'm more in love with my house today.  I was discussing with my hubby my dream of having a new home sometime, even if it is smaller.  I went to the website of a certain type of new houses and found that even though they were much smaller and on much smaller lots they were way more than we paid for this.  We were so lucky, blessed really, to get this home when and how we did.  Even the bad things in our year worked out for our good.  There is still pain and confusion about peoples' actions but I do feel loved and blessed by God.
I guess this project is done, but it has felt good to find the good every day.  Even in the painful things.  I might just keep doing it when I think to!  Thanks for reading, sweet friends.

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