Monday, October 29, 2012

Hair Color {cheap}

Do Your Hair {cheap}

Right now I have highlights, but when I "go dark" with my hair-color I do it myself.

And I do it for $3.  I use Revlon ColorSilk I get at Walmart.

The secret to at-home hair-color is getting the right shade.  After that  I think the quality of color and conditioning in box treatments is even better than professional color.  I'm sure stylists might disagree with me, but that's been my experience, and it saves a bundle!


  1. I agree. Right now I am a big fan of loreal creme gloss. It has no ammonia and actual makes my hair feel more full and healthy. Plus loreals drak shades are the only ones that turn out true dark and not coppery on my hair.

  2. I totally agree!!! To get my hair colored in a salon, which usually consists of 12 highlights, ranges from $45 - 65 dollars! So I about a year ago, I started coloring my hair with Natural Instincts that I only buy on sale for about $5. I love the color, and it last a long time and I get complimented on my hair all the time. But you know, don't hate me because i have beautiful hair!!! Love ya B.

  3. Agreed! In prep for my son's wedding, I went twice to a salon and spent too much money for a color I hated! I kept stressing that my hair goes red and to NOT use any tint with red anything! Well guess what, yeah, strawberry both times! I finally went to Walmart, got two boxes of color, ash to take out the red and a lighter blonde for highlights. Guess who got it right lol! Yep! I will never get my hair colored in a salon again!


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