Monday, October 1, 2012

Number 6


  1. My oldest had a big soccer game against another school.  I was so glad to see her getting the chance to try a sport (free!).
  2. Thanks to school and preschool, I was able to get into a doctor's appointment I've been needing to have and not have to try desperately to find someone to watch my kids or have my husband come home from work.  That is what has happened the last couple of times I've had to get help with the kids.  The plain fact is I just don't have any friends here that have the availability to help me out.  It's hard as a mom, but I'm also glad my kids are getting older and I have some in school.  Going with just one today was easy peasy, especially since he's such a quiet kid.  He just held me while I got examined and blood taken, etc.  I had to be strong for him so he wouldn't freak out so I had to really not think about the needles!
  3. We had a yummy dinner.  Casey grilled chicken while I was driving back from the soccer game with all the kids.  I then made a salad.  He covered the pieces of grilled chicken with a hot sauce for hot wings.  My favorite meal at a restaurant we used to go to was a grilled boneless "wing" salad.  It was so close and one of my favorite meals.  My tummy is happy :).

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