Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Socks n Sandals......Sandals n Socks

If I told you I was going to write about the fashion faux pas that is Sandals and Socks you'd probably think I was referring to something like this:

But, no.

My hubby wore both items (socks and sandals) a few days ago, and it actually looked nice.

No really.

It did.

Okay, I'll prove it....

And tell you how to pull off the look yourself, should you choose.

Cause I know that's what most of you are on this page hoping for.

Tips for looking hot in socks and sandals....

Ok, here it is:

Not bad, right?

I think the key is this:  dark socks, dark sandals.  Blends away.  So when you look at him altogether there are no blaring socks peeking out between the sandal cracks.  

That's all the sense I can make of it.


  1. You're so funny!
    Reminds of this hilarious video from a few years ago:
    Watch it: great for a good laugh!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hahaha!
    I ALWAYS tell my husband not to wear them at the same time cuz it looks ridiculous!( but he does anyway)

    Dark sandals and socks look not too bad, thanks for sharing, I'll tell my husband the secret! lol

  3. The dark socks don't look that bad at all! When I think of socks and sandals I usually think of basketball players headed to their game. That's the only time I remember wearing that combo myself. :)

  4. That and the fact that he wore jeans. Not shorts! I think you can only pull off that look if you have pants on. And the dark socks help.

  5. Oh My gosh- haha! I am cracking the Heck up!!!!! Too stinkin' funny!!!


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