Monday, November 5, 2012

My job Review

The most difficult part of the full-time mommy job is the isolation, hands-down. From the moment I brought my pink little newborn home my whole world kind of tipped on its axis. I didn't realize how much of what I thought was normal for adults simply wasn't for at home caregivers. You know...the calling up someone down the hall to find out where their report was...then walking over and joking about how you were so lazy to just call them from your desk. Then there's the hemming and hawing over where to have lunch and admitting a little guilt that you really should bring it from home. Then...busting that joint and being so glad you did as you laugh over salads and share a few stresses in your life over dessert.

You think that was normal. You think the boring meetings you crack up about later are such a hassle. You don't get that some of the population can go for days, months, years with little to no adult interaction. That to me was SHOCKING. And I didn't handle it well.

The most fun part of my job is the mid-day cuddles. Whether its nursing a baby, kissing a scraped knee or just trying to help someone take a nap, I love that I can be so physically close to these little ones that I adore, that I don't have to miss a single thing. 

Another thing I love...which some might be loathe to admit, is the control! I like knowing how much my kids eat, what they eat, how they are feeling, etc. I like being able to observe them in play, and know where they are in their learning. I like to help with homework, organize their work spaces and just generally have a good feel at all times for what is going on with them and their progress in this world. I used to think I would only stay home with my babies as long as they needed nursed, but as I help even my almost middle school age kids in their daily life I think this career is much more far-reaching and important than ever. If I could change the isolation I would, but I feel right about the long-reaching affects of the career I am in.


  1. For me the hardest part was not having some sort of outside affirmation that I was doing a good job. The best part? Like you, I get the biggest say. My mom ran an in-home daycare and I saw enough there to know that wasn't for me. The sacrifices are worth it.

  2. Isn't great that we have the internet, blogs, FB, etc to help with the isolation factor. I'm not sure how my mom did it without.

  3. Thanks for your post. All the hugs and kisses we get to give are so worth anytime missing out on the "normal" life stuff. Soon enough they will be grown up.


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