Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Please stay with me!

I know many people want visitors to remove their shoes before stepping on their carpet.  I once visited a home where they actually had an engraved sign on the front door...so no one would be so bold as to actually step foot on the landing with their offensive shoes :). 

I have often thought about that as we've lived in many homes and I came to the conclusion that people are more important than carpet.  I would much rather have a home full of people that I love than off-put acquaintances afraid to step anywhere.  I feel the same about Blogs/Facebook/Twitter now.  If your religion or politics or even little interests are different than mine I still want you in my world.  That is all that matters.  I can sweep up the "spills" later.  I'm just grateful to have the friends and relationships I've had and I hope we can enrich each other's lives.


  1. It's really neat to join a blog and be welcomed so warmly. Thank you!

  2. I agree completely. Shoes are always allowed in my home as well as different opinions and viewpoints. But there must be mutual respect. I won't tolerate the mocking, self-righteous, hateful tenor that has come to dominate so much of these discussions (esp. online). Just like I wouldn't tolerate someone walking through my house with manure on their shoes.

  3. :) Though what you are saying is true, it is also a culture thing for others, in reality you really don't know where everyone's shoes been so it carries a lot of dirt and bacteria. My home is a no shoes zone so I am sorry that the idea offends others to us it's a matter of respect but it doesn't affect the beautiful memories we create in our homes. I honestly don't think it offends others unless you take it personally.


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