Thursday, November 1, 2012

Take 5

I thought I'd do a little "check-in" today about life.  I get so wrapped up in my crafts and recipes and ideas, I can't wait to hurry and share.  However, I also need my journal get it all out and deal with what goes on in my heart.  So here's 5 of what's going on here right now:

  1. I'm starting again to set goals, little itty bitty ones.  I'd trying to have some expectations for myself for the first time in awhile.  When I first "broke down" completely and began tackling getting help I started by releasing all extra expectations of myself besides just keeping everyone dressed, fed, and where they need to be.  My first goals are very simple, very small, maybe even embarrassing but here they are:  5 minutes of scripture study a day, and 5 push-ups.  Spiritual and physical exercise.  I said they were small!  The good news is I've been able to be 100% successful the last 3 days and that means a lot.
  2. I've been more diligent about my vitamin intake.  I was interested in the new findings about a lot of people being Vitamin D deficient, but when it actually showed up in my bloodwork I took it seriously and actually bought the vitamins I needed at the store.  I'm not sure if the 2000 iu's is enough, but if I get the motivation (sadly, it takes a lot) to make another Dr. appt, I think I'll ask to get checked again to see if it is improving the numbers enough.
  3. I got my Dr's appt that has been put off for months because its so dang hard to find a babysitter.  Either me, my kids, or my friends' kids get sick.  It's just some kind of physical law to having lots of kids :).  But yay, finally got in and got my medications figured out.
  4. Daughter's baptism is this weekend!  I'm stressed about what to feed my guests and if I'll get the house clean for 'em (probably not gonna happen) but I'm thrilled to have this special moment for her.
  5. We survived Halloween!  And three of my ShabbyFrills tree skirts sold in the last couple of days so I guess its on to the next holiday?! :)


  1. Great goals! I love setting small goals. That way it gets me in the habit of accomplishing things.

  2. Your "small" goals are inspirational. I know I need to set some if I'm gonna make it through the holidays without pulling out my hair or gaining 20 lbs. ;-) Thanks for sharing! Have a great week! Keep up the good work!


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