Friday, January 18, 2013

Scrap Quilts

I checked a few books out of the library and am now intrigued with the history and creative fun of Scrap Quilts.  They were so much of what made quilting a part of our history--using what was leftover to make something new, and beautiful.  I love the resourcefulness and creative spirit they show.

Because of that I've been saving and cutting my scraps to start one of my own soon.  Until then, I thought I'd show you some decorating inspiration starring this type of quilt:

Have you ever made a Scrap Quilt, or better yet, decorated with one???  Tell me more in the comments...


  1. When my dad's sister was young they were so poor, and resourceful, that she had to make herself a dress for school made out of scraps. How about a scrap dress/skirt too. :)

  2. I made my daughter a Bai Jia Bei Quilt out of scraps sent by family & friends. It's said to be a tradition in China to get 100 wishes & scraps and sew it into a quilt to welcome a new child. I got LOTS of scraps and make a queen sized one, a crib sized one, a doll sized one, and a pillow case.

  3. Yes, I make scrap quilts all the time. If you are interested in making scrap quilts you need to check out Bonnie Hunter's blog at:

    She has lots of tips, tricks, and loads of free patterns for making scrap quilts. She has also written several books.

  4. Love these quilts and the rooms. Thanks for sharing at my party. Have a great week.

  5. Hello!
    I found you from the Mop it up Mondays link up. I would love to have you come share your post with my readers over at Sassy Little Lady’s Show and Tell Saturday. Hope to see you there!



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