Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today's Happy 3 Things

1.  I started piecing together a yellow and gray chevron quilt top.  It looks so cool.  I'm excited about it.

2.  I got lots of cleaning done...although it was mostly because of a nagging anxiety that followed me about all day.  It's partly because I started a new medicine that has been working great in other ways but hasn't tweaked the anxiety yet.  It's beating the alternative, though, so I just try to keep myself busy between doses of Xanax :).

3.  I did my treadmill walking, my Scripture reading, and our family scripture time.  Besides the no wheat thing (that only lasted 5 days) I've been able to implement a lot of positive changes this January.  I'm trying to just appreciate those and give myself grace for all the things that can swamp me if I realize all I'm not doing or should be doing better...that's where #2 comes in.  But I'm trying to give myself that grace.  Trying every day.

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  1. Bobi, you are so awesome. I wish you could see that everyone else thinks you do everything and do it well! Then you wouldn't be so hard on yourself about everything you're not doing.


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