Monday, February 11, 2013

The Fireplace

We currently have a bare fireplace--well more than bare, the wall is pretty ripped up.  Point is, we are planning a rock fireplace and I went looking for inspiration.  

As usual, I am sharing my ideas :).

This one is my dream.  Sidenote:  can you just picture staying in this quaint coziness and peering out the big beautiful windows?

If we are going to be honest, though, I need to point out that we are in a big city.  And also in the mid-west...not a mountain hideaway.  Thus, we are most likely going to be working with some kind of stone veneer rather than those gorgeous river rocks above.  Unless, that is a veneer too?

Anyway, here is a most-likely veneer, also in a very gorgeous setting.


  1. Wow-both of those are stunning! Sounds like an exciting project! :)

  2. Gorgeous - PIN PIN PIN !!!
    Thanks for sharing :)


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