Monday, March 4, 2013

A Pool????

No.  In the climate in which we currently live, no.  No reason for a pool.

But we did live in hot, hot Texas.  And if we were back there...or in California...or Florida....

Oh!  Or Arizona!

The pictures sure make it tempting.

So which is your favorite?


  1. I like that last one. Rob wants to have a pool when we get our own place in Cali. I see the reason behind it but pools scare me to death. I told him I'd put one of those fun splash pads in instead.

  2. I choose 1 Less work to clean, been there done that. Only bad thing about the pool is upkeep. Unless you have a pool guy. Now that would be nice. :)

  3. New York has a lousy climate for swimming most of the year, yet there are an astonishing number of pools. In our housing search, I have come across so many pools, which totally puzzles me. The second pool is my favorite.

    Pools are a necessity in Saudi Arabia and I think quite a few villas have them, though a lot of Saudi women can't actually swim. I have a friend who is a swimming instructor and gives private lessons to Saudi women at her pool in her villa.

  4. I never saw a homes like that, It was my dream home but I never find Homes for Rent or any other site.


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