Friday, March 8, 2013

Entry Art

One of the most exciting projects for me was re-doing the entry.  I stripped wallpaper, pulled carpet nails and staples out one by one, and bleach treated the pet stains on the stair sub-floors.  I "sealed" in our bleach treatment with some wild paint + primer mix we were recycling.  As you can see by this picture I discovered a LOVE of heights when working on projects.  Who knew?

To fill this long entry space, we came up with some personalized art.  I did the first couple of pieces.

But what I am really excited to show you is the final touch on the grouping:

Casey made me this hat rack out of branches.  This winter I fell in love with all kinds of branch art I found on etsy.  One day I showed him a picture of a rack just like this, and the next day he was working on it.  I really, really love it and can't wait to see our stuff up on the wall.  

P.S.  The frame of this piece was what I did the wood weathering technique on.

P.P.S.  I'm sharing here:


  1. That's a really neat idea! Found you through Sawdust Girl's Sawdust Throwdown...

    Cher @ Designs by Studio C

  2. Much much better! Oh the wonders you are working!!

  3. I fist have to say that the wall behind the art looks SO much better. :-) The branch hat rack looks great tucked up in that recess with white as the canvas. I think the pink might have been envious of the attention you new art would have drawn away. heehee.


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