Wednesday, March 27, 2013

High Fiber foods

Black Beans = 16 grams per serving!

In addition to getting adequate and regular protein, something I need to work on is getting plenty of fiber in my diet.  According to my most recent research it is recommended that women get 25 grams of fiber per day.  I know from the few times I've tracked my eating that I rarely reach that each day.  I am committed to improving in this area for so many aspects of my health (not the least of which is to stop gaining weight!).

I thought I'd collect some mental reminders for myself by posting a list here.  Maybe you need some ideas or reminders, too.

Ways to get more Fiber

Raspberries                 8 grams
Apple (with skin)       4.4
Banana                        3.1
Orange                         3
Strawberries                3

Bran Flakes cereal       5.3
Cooked Oatmeal         4

Black Beans                16   (whoa, dude!  1/2 the daily amount)
Baked Beans               10.4
Sunflower seeds          3.9
Almonds                     3.5

Broccoli                      5.1
Sweet corn                  4

I think the moral of the story is I need to have some beans for lunch!  My daughter loves to make "black bean salsa," which is just drained black beans marinated in Italian dressing.  It's kind of like 3 bean salad with just one bean.  She can eat almost a whole can that way dipping corn chips in it.  I ought to try that!


  1. Because of my PCOS and gluten intolerance, I need more fiber in my life. Thanks for this list!!!

  2. Hi! Its nice to meet another Bobi! There are so few of us around1 and I love balck beans and oatmeal. I am always on the lookout for oatmeal new and interesting ways to jazz up my mornings!


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