Thursday, April 11, 2013

Homemade Bar Stools

My husband designed and built 6 of these barstools.  I can't quite write well enough to explain how useful and exciting it is to have these.  I described to him the exact shape, style, and height I thought would be the most useful and he put together this design.  I was so amazed when I saw the first one made exactly how I wanted it. I was DELIGHTED!

After letting them sit and acclimate, we stained them with Danish Oil.   A few weeks after that I gave them 3 coats of a urethane finish to help with water-proofing and wipe-ability.

Have you ever made your own furniture?  It's been a thrill to see my hubby take up this new hobby and use things that are so sentimental to us.  We got a lot of ideas from Ana White's website and a few others.  I also have a Pinterest board full of handmade building projects we plan to do next.


  1. How neat! I am hoping to make a breakfast bar in our new kitchen and a couple of stools would complete it.
    -Rachael from The Rehomesteaders

  2. Really cool DIY chair. Bar stool is one of my favorite chairs in our house because it gives me an atmosphere of coolness. Since every home is different, you need a bar stool that matches your style and decor. Bar stools are made with a sturdy wooden frame. However, some bar stools come with metal frames, which is increasingly popular. Seat and back material may consist of blended leather or other high-quality upholstery.


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