Thursday, August 22, 2013

Buying a Used RV

So we did something daring and adventurous...which sadly, isn't really like us.  But for some reason my husband, Casey and I decided it was time.  Time to enjoy our kids, to go places, to stop putting things off for "some day."

About a year ago we were looking to replace our very old van that I drive, and even got a credit union loan, but nothing fell into place, couldn't decide what to get and it just didn't happen.  Instead he did tons of repair work on our old van and we've just kept using it.

Casey happened to find an article about used RV's and then he found this really great idea.  Buying a high mileage former rental RV.  Why was this a good idea for us?  

  1. The small RV we picked is on a Ford F350 truck chassis so something my husband can work on if need be.
  2. Rental RV's are built really tough for heavy use, which sounds perfect for our family of young kids.
  3. Even though the mileage is high, Casey is more comfortable with that than a more expensive vehicle that has been stored or sat in the weather and aging for years with little use.
  4. This is the only way we could afford one :).  That helps make the decision easier.
  5. The people at Cruise America were very helpful through the whole process and even helped with the price of our flights to pick it up, which made getting it home a fun family adventure in itself.

The more we researched the better we felt that this would be a good option for our family.  And financially the prices were the same as a late model used car/minivan, so we went to the same loan place we'd been approved a year earlier.  They had the best interest rates on vehicles we could find (even though they are in another state than us) so I'm including a link to them as well.

While our house is still in progress, we're going to drop it all most weekends and just enjoy this newfound adventure on the road.  I have several more posts planned with RV tips and will take you with us to the fun places we find, by way of pictures.  If you have any questions or suggestions of great places to visit, feel free to comment or drop me a line by email!


  1. let us know when you make your way to utah!!!

  2. How fun for you guys! I hope you have a million wonderful adventures with your fun new (to you!) toy :)

  3. You regularly inspire me with your house adventures and self reflections, etc. I will now add this to the list of inspirations :) Have fun with the rv!


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